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About us

Bank4Kidz is controlled my Mum and Dad. When kidz get money, they give it to Mum and Dad who add the transaction in Bank4Kidz and lodge the money in their own bank. Bank4Kidzs simply keeps track of how much money Mum and Dad owe the kidz. When kidz make a withdrawal, it comes off the balance and the money comes from Mum and Dad. So kizs learn all about banking and saving whilst Mum and Dad keep track of everything from Tooth Fairy money to Grandpa and Grandma birthday present money.

Learn To Save

Kidz can set a savings account where they can earn interest (from their parents). It isn't just as easy to make a withdrawal from a savings account because it takes a preconfigured amount of time (by which time you will have made even more interest and will see the benefit of leaving some in savings).

Have a Question?

Feel free to contact us with any problems. We will get back to you as soon as possible.